Brahmatal Trek Best Trekking Place In India (Moderate Difficulty)

Brahmatal trek can be considered to be one of the classic winter treks. The grandeur of this trek hits you. When you enter in fresh snow it is highly picturesque. This is one of the unexplored areas of Uttarakhand. Almost no crowd to bother you. This trek promises you the same grandeur during the summer camping where only the snow is missing. Situated at the height of 11,000ft required a fit individual and high stamina.

brahmatal trek best trekking site in India Uttrakhand
Brahmatal trek best trekking site in India Uttrakhand

Kathgodam train station is where we start this trek. You will reach here by 6:30 am sharp.

Day 1 – Kathgodam to Lohajung

  • From Kathgodam train station a long journey to Lohajung.
  • Lohajung is the main village in the middle of other 12-15 small ones.
  • You can enjoy the rest of the evening visiting the village and enjoy their culture.
  • Overnight stay and dinner with local varieties

Day 2 – Lohajung to Bekaltal

  • Our trek starts from Lohajung central market passing through humanly made stone trails.
  • Crossing the Link Gaad at the height of 2,590m.
  • Pass through similar bridges to reach Bekaltal
  • You can also camp near Khopdaliya which is an adjacent lake.

Day 3 – Bekaltal to Brahmatal

  • Start early as its going to be 4-5 hours of a trek at the height of 10,735ft.
  • Through your trek, you will pass through Almora and Nainital side of the valley.
  • The camp is set just near the lake at the height of 10,735ft.
  • Enjoy the starlit sky with bonfire followed by dinner.
brahmatal trek best trekking site in India Uttrakhand
Brahmatal trek best trekking site in India Uttrakhand

Day 4 – Brahmatal to Brahmatal Peak and Back

  • You will pass through mixed forest cover for the first 40 minutes of the climb.
  • Later you reach the summit which is similar to a snow clad meadow in winters.
  • Enjoy the view of the Panchachuli range of mountains.
  • Follow the same path to return to your campsite in Brahmatal.

Day 5 – Brahmatal to Lohajung

  • This descends from 10,735ft to 7,616ft will take 7 hours.
  • Follow the same descend as before and reach Burali for some rest or first half.
  • Walking on a stone trail to reach Lohajung.
  • Overnight stay here after a tiresome day.

Day 6 – Lohajung to Kathgodam

  • Leave early in motor transport to Kathgodam train station.
  • You can spend a day in Kathgodam or leave the same night to your place.

End of an adventurous trek.

brahmatal trek best trekking site in India Uttrakhand